Monday, June 6, 2011

If Audrey's right, I "google it" every day

Audrey cleaned her room. As she proudly showed me, she said, "I googled it. That's what I say when I mean that I tried really hard."

Birthday cakes and gut aches

On saturday morning, Michael said to Audrey, "Noodle, you have TWO birthday parties today. Are you going to be tired?"

She replied seriously, "No, but I will have a big stomach ache."

Nina, Sam-Sam, and Mac&Cheese

Nina cleaned her ears. She proudly showed me the gross yellow gunk she got and exclaimed, "Look! Mac & Cheese!"

I replied, "Gross. I hope you didn't actually put any in your ear."

She said, "No. Sam-Sam (friend at preschool) said if you eat too fast, your food comes out your ears."

Nina watches too much TV

I took Nina and Audrey to a mongolian grill. Nina could barely see above the counter where she'd set her bowl, waiting for her noodles to be cooked. As the guy finished cooking Audrey's and set her bowl down, Nina says loudly, "Order up!"