Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naked chipmunks & aliens, oh my!

I love listening to backseat convos between my girls and their friends. Here's one from this morning:

Friend: We looked all over our house for the naked chipmunk and we can't find it anywhere.
Nina: Maybe aliens came down from outerspace and took it (dramatic look & pause here).
Friend: We don't even know if aliens exist, Nina.
Nina: They do. They have big heads and really, really big toes.
Friend: Andrea, has Nina been to outerspace?
Me: No, but she's from there.
Friend: (jaw drop)
Me: Just kidding.
Audrey (piping in from 3rd row peanut gallery): But we all are from outerspace! God is in outerspace - in heaven. We all came from heaven. We were created from dirt and bones.
Friend: It's called skeletons.
Nina: Yeah, bones.

And this is when I turned up the music...