Monday, January 31, 2011

what are you lookin' at?

Nina and I have the pleasure of watching 15 month old Braxton for a couple of hours, once a week. On one particular day, I was finally getting Nina out of her pajamas, with Brax standing in the background. A naked Nina turned around, noticed a smiling Brax (probably because he was farting, not interested in her), and said in a snotty voice, "What are YOU looking at, Brax?" Then she turned back to me and quickly got dressed.

a non-uni day

As much as Audrey loves her school uniform, she also loves "free dress" days. Last Friday, as she was prepping for free dress, she said in a serious voice, "Mom, but we can't wear those 'noodle straps."

She meant SPAGHETTI straps.

poop happens. a lot. to us, at least.

Nina and I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Or at least it seems that way.

I took her potty before she got in the bath. As she sat on the side of the tub with both feet in, she says in a panic, "Oops, I forgot a poop. It's coming out NOW."

I scooped her up before the rogue turd escaped.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The last thing Audrey said before she fell asleep last night was, "I've never been in a commercial 'afore, Mom!"

That's right, folks, Audrey's acting debut starts today. Our BFF Jonna at Image Works asked if Auddie would like to be part of a public service announcement-type commercial for Run for Ribbons, a local cancer walk.

this is not the outfit :-)
To prep Auddie for it, I took her to Image Works yesterday so she could see the studio. She took her own camera so she could "take pictures so I don't forget anything." And much to my horror, she was wearing: a long-sleeve grey and white t-shirt that's 2 sizes too big and it reads "Girls Can Save the World," a purple plaid short skirt, polka dot knee-high socks, black ballet slipper shoes and a headband with a large flower on it. I obviously didn't supervise the "play clothes" change from her uniform before we headed out. Oy.

Will give all the details this evening after we tape this afternoon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

she's got the moves

As Nina's dancing, we ask Audrey, "Did she learn that from Grace?" Audrey replied, "No, it's all Nina."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

all aboard the Polar Express

As I climbed into bed last night, Michael looked at me and said casually, "Polar fleece to bed?" Then he rolled his eyes. My response was, "Oh, I don't think it's performance fleece, by any means, I got it for $10 at Old Navy." End of discussion.

You see, my winter bedtime wardrobe has been a source of criticism for quite some time. On a typical night, I'll wear socks, loungewear pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt to bed.

One night Michael stole a glance at me while he was reading in bed. "Going to Alaska tonight, honey?" I just smiled in reply.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Duh, add blankets." We have.

Here's the thing: I hate being cold. And since I'm usually out of bed an average of 3 times per night, I need to be snuggly in well as out of bed.

So there. Me and my non-performance fleece will be snuggly allllll night long.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

applauding good words

We always applaud the girls when they use "good, creative" words. A recent example I was quite proud of:

Audrey: Mom, we're playing horse. I need a long scarf to tether Nina to Grace.

Nice, eh? Who wouldn't be proud?!

espanol anyone?

An excerpt from today's car conversation with Nina.

Nina: Mom, how do you say hello in Spanish?

Me: Hola.

Nina: How do you spell hola in spanish?

Me: H. O. L. A.

Nina: No, that isn't it.

Me: Yes it is. You spell hola H. O. L. A.

Nina: NO.

Me: Actually, yes. Or maybe "echae, o, ell-ae, ah."

Nina: NO, that's not how it is. How do you spell hola in spanish?

Me: Nina, I'm trying to tell you, but you don't believe me. I took spanish, that's how you spell it.

Nina: Nevermind.


When Audrey hops into the car after school, she usually pelts me with a million pieces of information. "Look at my homework. Mrs. Holom sent you a note. So-and-so got in trouble today." You get the picture.

Today's bit of info included, "Oh, tomorrow for lunch there's no bazahnya (lasagna). The noodles didn't turn out really good."

I laughed out loud. First, Audrey wouldn't dare eat hot lunch -- ever. Second, I've heard CK's food is fairly good, but I find it hard to believe that the cafeteria is making its own noodles. Or are they? My how things have changed...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

privacy in the potty

Nina and I were watching 1 year old Braxton this morning. She had to go potty and, of course, I have to stand in there with her. Much to her horror, I had to leave the door open because I couldn't leave Braxton alone. She said, "MOM! Don't let Braxton in - he can't see me!" I replied, "He's only 1. It's ok. I can't close the door on him." Then she said, "Would YOU want someone to watch YOU going potty?"

funny pictures of Nina

I was messing with some settings on my camera so Nina jumped at the chance to pose for a few. I finally had to put the camera away because she wouldn't let me do anything but take pics of her.


the letter G

The principal of Christ the King helps the kids out of the car in the morning at the designated drop-off spot (a service I love). When she opened the door the other day she said, "Audrey's class was working on the letter G yesterday and Audrey had a great G word -- GOWN."

Of course, my little living-in-fairytale-land-girl.

honest Audrey

This morning I showered and dried my hair, but decided not to put on makeup (for the third day in a row). Audrey asked, "Why don't you wear makeup like other moms?" I replied, "I do sometimes, just not today. I don't always have time."

Audrey said, "You put makeup on all the time when Nina and I went to CUPID." So I relented and put some makeup on, but didn't go all out.

Audrey returned to the bathroom and I asked, "Well, better?" She made a face and I said, "Is it my hair you don't like?" She replied innocently, "No, it's your face."