Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Audrey and I are watching Goonies, thanks to Michael. 15 min into it and she's had questions about penises, drugs, cop chases and whether or not she can use the word shit. 

Very educational Thanksgiving break so far.

four ladies bowling

Bowling. Audrey fell, Nina nearly put a hole in the floor and i was a brainfart away from telling the guy next to me that his "balls have a wicked spin." I shouldn't be unsupervised.

watching the fock at night

Nina has a speaking part at her preschool holiday performance. Here's how she recites it (word-for-word):

(high-pitched voice) "They were in the same country shepherds biting in the field, watching their fock by night."

Calgon, take Nina away

Nina telling me why she wants to take a bath:

"First, I'm really sweaty. Second, I've had a long day. Last, I want some time alone."

She's 5.