Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Audrey's church singing debut

Audrey was thrilled to have a singing part in the Thanksgiving Mass at school. She sang a couple of lines with a boy, whom Audrey said, "Goofed off during rehearsals."

This video is Audrey practicing at home. Note Nina's "I want attention, too" in the background. (This was the second take of Audrey singing because during the first one, Nina starting talking loudly - just to be heard.)

Have to document this day

Audrey and Nina are fighting over who gets to fold the laundry. When they finally agreed to work together, Audrey comes to me and whispers in my ear, "Um, do we have any soft music? We'd like to have it playing while we fold in there."


What's the password?

Nina is definitely the alpha female in the household. And in Nina's mind, Audrey is at the bottom of the food chain.

Last weekend, Nina locked Audrey out of a particular room. Here's how it went down:

Audrey: Nina, please let me in.
Nina: Say the password.
Audrey: I don't know the password.
Nina: Say "I love Nina."
Audrey: (loudly) I love my Nina.
Nina: I couldn't hear you.
Audrey: (shouting) I love my Nina!
Nina: Um, I still couldn't understand you.

Me: NEE-NA! Let her in NOW.

And Audrey was allowed through Nina's pearly gates.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

When I grow up

Audrey: I wanna be a singer when I grow up.
Nina: Me, too.
Audrey: I think you're more of a doctor, Nina.
Nina: No. I'm a great singer.
Audrey: Sing something.
Nina: (tortured rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

(silence in car)