Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 kids, 2 parents, 1 cat, and an elf in a tree

Michael and I have watched 3 variety shows (by the girls) since we've all been home together this week.

The first show was the Grace Show. Her sisters were her minions, which they don't mind being if they like their assignments. Nina was the announcer. "'re gonna have a show in five and half of a minute." Audrey was in charge of props, lighting and music. Speaking of music, Michael and I briefly thanked God for CDs rather than tapes because there is a lot of starting and stopping during these performances. If the girls had to rewind, it'd take all night.

During Grace's dance number, we saw two costume changes. We often saw only the back of her, however, because she was watching herself dance in the reflection on the TV.

The second and their shows were tonight. Grace was in charge of choreography, music and overall directing. When I entered the theater (our office), there was a curtain (pink blanket) draped over my desk, with Audrey & Nina hidden underneath.

Grace fired up the music via YouTube (we were impressed)--a semi-peaceful, then violent rendition of a song I hear every year in the Nutcracker. Audrey and Nina not-so-gracefully crawl out from underneath the desk and present themselves in dramatic poses. Audrey has a small smile, Nina is dead serious. They're each in dress-up ballet-like outfits with headpieces with long streamers. There's a lot of twirling and Nina falls twice. Each time, however, she pops back up as if nothing happened (as Grace laughs uncontrollably while she also tries to direct). The show ended with an embrace by the ballerinas.

The final show was a play, of sorts. Grace gave a monologue at the beginning. There was a fairy (Audrey) who met a doll (Nina), and the fairy turned the doll into a person. It was moving.

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