Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well, that was awkward

After a quick trip to the DMV (no joke - half an hour!), I decided to drop in on a good friend. The receptionist greeted me and asked who I was there to see. The rest of the conversation just got downright awkward.

Me: Mike Denslow.
Receptionist (hereto after referred to as "R"): He's on the phone. Can I tell him who's here?
Me: Oh, that's ok, I'll just contact him later.
R: He should be just a minute. I'll email him. What's your name?
Me: Tell him Dick Trickle is here.
R: (confused face, fingers poised on keyboard) I'm sorry, who?
Me: Dick Trickle (smiling)
R: (still confused) How do you spell that?
Me: (just realized someone was in waiting area and didn't want to sound inappropriate) Oh, just how it sounds. (wink)
R: I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be difficult, I really don't know how to spell it.
Me: (starting to sweat) It's fine. You can just tell him it's Andrea.
R: I'm really not trying to be difficult.
Me: No, no, totally fine. I don't want to repeat the name with (pointing discreetly over my shoulder) someone in the room. It was just a joke.
R: Oh, an inside joke, huh?
Me:'s just a funny name of a racecar driver.
R: (still missing point) Oh, I don't watch racecar driving.
Me: Me neither. It was just a joke.

And then I walk away and bury myself in my blackberry...dear. god. Last time I try that funny business.

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