Monday, May 31, 2010

the funny face through the window

I was reminded of a part in the movie One Fine Day (Clooney & Pfeifer) where she's at a business meeting in the evening and it's bleeding into her son's last soccer game...the BIG game, where he finally gets his trophy.

I told Audrey and Nina after dinner that I had to do work in the office. I got the usual "but I thought you didn't work anymore..." so I had to explain again that I still had to do work now and then. So I closed the french doors (that are all windows) and started typing. I got the feeling someone was staring at me.

I looked over and Nina's making funny faces at me, trying to get my attention. Bless her heart - she listened to my instructions to keep the door closed so I could work fast...but she couldn't resist letting me know she was waiting right outside.

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