Wednesday, May 26, 2010

when you panic, turn up the music

The girls and I visited Christ the King to sign up Audrey and Grace for vacation bible school. While I completed paperwork, Audrey ventured into the church "store." Now, I'll admit that she hasn't spent a lot of time at church, but I'm sure she's seen Jesus on the cross before this visit. Regardless, she spotted him this time and she had many questions.

We get in the car and it begins. Here's a sampling of the inquisition:

Why was Jesus on that thing?
Why did he have holes in him?
Did they put nails in his face?
Did they put nails in his belly button?
Where did he go after that?
Did it hurt?
Did he bleed?
Why did they do it?

Why, oh why, I thought, could she not have asked the priest while we were there? Why must she pepper me with her insightful questions?

I tried - I really did - but I just didn't have all the answers. So I did what any good, tongue-tied mother would do, I turned up Mickey and shouted, "This is a great song!!"

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