Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was on the front porch sipping iced tea. I had a People mag in one hand, my blackberry in another. Next to me...a delicioso treat a friend made (I'm certain it was her last ditch effort to guilt me to the gym).

The girls were supposed to be riding their bikes. I was paying attention - honestly. They were moving the bikes out of the garage...there were helmets...then a wagon...

(sip of tea. bite of treat. look up.)

I see three bikes, four helments, and a few boxes.

(sip of tea. check the bberry. scoff at the mag--nothing too juicy in it this time. look up.)

The pile has grown. It now includes clothes, a child's bench, six glass thingies, four water wings, some books, and skates. And Nina's standing near the pile, waving and greeting her...customer, Audrey. Audrey is pulling a wagon full of more stuff and Nina welcomes her to Goodwill.

Awesome. At least they've learned a thing or two from being home with me.

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