Monday, July 26, 2010

the Petal Girl

I was dreading the moment Audrey found out that there was a flower girl in the wedding...and it wasn't her. Auddie's been dying to be a flower girl. "But Moooom...all of your friends are married. I'm never gonna have a chance to be a flower girl." (whiny voice)

So I wasn't surprised when she pulled me aside at the rehearsal dinner. She had me sit on the couch, away from the crowd, and she said seriously, "Mom, she's the flower girl." Talla, an innocent flower girl, walked by and said, "I'm the flower girl and my brother is the ring boy."

Audrey, exasperated, said, "Um, that's a ring bear-er." Then, looking at me, "Mom, she doesn't even know how to say can she be a flower girl and I'm not?"

I hid my smile and assured her the wedding would still be fun.

During the ceremony, I snuck a peek at Audrey and she was excitedly giving Talla the thumbs up sign, signaling she was doing a good job being a "petal girl."

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