Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The last thing Audrey said before she fell asleep last night was, "I've never been in a commercial 'afore, Mom!"

That's right, folks, Audrey's acting debut starts today. Our BFF Jonna at Image Works asked if Auddie would like to be part of a public service announcement-type commercial for Run for Ribbons, a local cancer walk.

this is not the outfit :-)
To prep Auddie for it, I took her to Image Works yesterday so she could see the studio. She took her own camera so she could "take pictures so I don't forget anything." And much to my horror, she was wearing: a long-sleeve grey and white t-shirt that's 2 sizes too big and it reads "Girls Can Save the World," a purple plaid short skirt, polka dot knee-high socks, black ballet slipper shoes and a headband with a large flower on it. I obviously didn't supervise the "play clothes" change from her uniform before we headed out. Oy.

Will give all the details this evening after we tape this afternoon!

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