Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the fashion show that's more like a variety show

Nina and Audrey were hard at work tonight, for 10 minutes, preparing for a fashion show for us. Nina shouted from the top of the stairs, "Andrea & Michael Turner. Andrea & Michael Turner...the fashion show is ready to start." We went in shifts because if you go together, you're stuck for twice the amount of time.

Michael went first and got a heartfelt rendition of "Anyway you want it," by Audrey and the Glee cast.

Then it was my turn and I take better notes of what transpires.

First they turn off the lights. Then they cross themselves (Father, Son & Holy Spirit -- thank you CK). Then Nina disappears and Audrey announces, "Thank you for coming to observe our show. Please keep the lights off and no drinks allowed" (I'm holding a glass of wine, so I take the last sip and politely put the glass away).

Nina enters wearing skull leggings, plaid skirt, Halloween shirt, cardigan and sunglasses on her head. The CD is now on a slow song, so Nina begins her interpretive dance that is suprisingly graceful.

Now it's Auddie's turn. Nina gives two announcements about the show and then goes to the CD player to start a new song. After a few seconds she says, " do you WORK this thing?" So the audience (me) helps out.

Audrey saunters in wearing an all pink outfit with a satin blanket draped over her shoulders. She flings off the blanket and shakes her hips, walks to the couch to grab an accessory (a big hair thing to fling around with her fingers, which ultimately ends up sailing into the TV) and eventually wraps up her dance number. I muffled my laugh with my illegal glassware and excused myself so I could come type this and demonstrate to Michael Audrey's new suggestive dance move.

Just another night at the Turner casa.

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