Thursday, October 21, 2010

she's gaga for my jeans

It's always risky to take your child into a dressing room.

When Grace was 5, I took her when I tried on bathing suits. Not a brilliant idea. She told me, "That looks good. You look like my teacher."

I didn't buy a bathing suit that evening.

Then in a dressing room with Audrey, she asks many questions (loudly) about my bra, panties, etc. Why I chose those colors, why my panties are different than hers, etc.

And so it was Nina's turn to humiliate me.

I had 7 pair of jeans hanging up. I put on the first...she shrugged her shoulders and said her new favorite phrase, "That's fine."

I try on the second pair, twirl for her. She makes a dramatic face and says, "You look like Lady Gaga."

I scrapped the gaga jeans and went for a different pair.

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