Monday, March 28, 2011

big sis, little sis

At dinner last night, Nina was uber crabby. She needed to go to bed asap, but Michael and I were still eating. Audrey pulled out her big sister voice and asked Nina if she wanted her to take her up to bed. Nina milked it and they headed upstairs.

We knew there wasn't a chance in Hades that they'd actually crawl into bed.

After just a few minutes, we hear a bit of squealing. Audrey's at the top of the stairs and she tells us, "Whenever Nina does something for me, I give her a toy."

Mind you, it isn't a new toy. It's one of their current toys, so Audrey's pulling ultra-weasel moves.

It gets better.

Audrey tells us later that when Nina does something good, Auddie's giving her some of her money. "But in the middle of the night," she whispered, "I'm going to take it back and then she can re-earn it the next day."


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