Wednesday, March 2, 2011

traveling with Brittney

The web site and book "Sh*t My Dad Says" inspired me to keep a journal of sh*t Britt said on our recent trip to Vegas.

For those of you who don't know Britt, allow me to introduce you to her:

this was as big as I could make the picture - sad, I know

As you can see, she's a blonde beauty. She's also witty, hilarious, talented, and a math nerd. She's also five months pregnant, which made her the perfect travel mate for me. I make frequent bathroom stops, I love to eat, and I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. We were a match made in heaven for this trip.

Now, on to the stuff Britt said over our 3-day excursion...

Upon seeing our pilots at the check-in counter:
"Oh, good, one pilot has grey hair. He's experienced."

About 4 feet away from me, as I'm showing my I.D. to the guard at the security check-in:
"Andy, you brought your point-and-shoot, right?" (My eyes got wide, the guard looked at me and quickly realized if we were dumb enough to call a gun a point-and-shoot, we were probably harmless...nonetheless, I asked Britt to use the word camera in the future)

As we were boarding the plane from Pasco:
"Oh, even better, one of the pilots is bald."

On the flight to Vegas:
"Awww...maybe I'll have just one more (baby). I LOVE being pregnant." (I roll my eyes and tell her I'll remind her of that in 3 months when she's miserable)

While having a nice dinner, we talk about the issue of sending back food that isn't to your liking, and Britt says about her husband:
"Blake could have a sock in the middle of his plate and he'd just eat around it, not wanting to sending it back for fear he'd hurt someone's feelings."

While walking/talking/texting on her cell phone, she falls in the middle of a crowded hallway (remember, she's prego--and she's carrying a tiny handbag that has my phone, our credit cards, I.D.s, etc.):
(On her hands and knees, looking shocked...) "Oh no, I hope I didn't break your cell phone, Andy!"

On the flight home:
(groaning) "Ugh. I HATE being pregnant. I'm so uncomfortable...I need to go throw up." (Like a good friend, I reminded her it was just 2 days earlier that she was "glowing" about pregnancy)



  1. LOL sounds like the Britt I know and love! ;)

  2. I LOVE THIS!! So hilarious!!!!!!

  3. Hilarious. I love when Britt asked me today, "so now what's going on in Egypt?" and then started laughing with her great laugh. Her laugh is infectious!

  4. That's our girl and why we love her so much!! She's one of a kind

  5. @Annie - Funny, she asked me the same thing on our trip. She obviously didn't think I gave her a good answer if she went asking someone else!