Wednesday, March 23, 2011

her ship sunk

Auddie's been learning about the Titanic. "Mom, do you know about that big boat a loooong time ago that hit an ice cube?"

There's a gigantic poster in her classroom of the Titanic. When Michael and I Audrey's conference last week, her teacher, Mrs. Holom, explained that the kids were given wooden parts to build their own ships. Then they'd be letting them loose in a big tub of water, filled with icebergs, so the students could observe which ships stayed afloat...and which did not. They'd have a discussion about those that sank and figure out how they could design them differently so that they stayed afloat.

Here's the tray of boats:

Gues which one is Audrey's.

That's right - the tallest one, of course. She goes for flair, rather than function. She proudly told us it was the tallest ship. Indeed, it was. I told Michael it might be all his fault because he's taken the girls several times to the Tall Ships festival(?) in Tacoma. Audrey may be confused.

Anyway, her ship nearly sailed Monday. "It sank," she said matter-of-factly. I acted totally surprised, but she's hopeful her modifications to it will make it successful.

Bless her little engineering-challenged heart. She's just like her mother.

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