Sunday, June 6, 2010

as easy as riding a bike

The irony of today's bike lesson was not lost on me. I can't ride a bike...very well. Stopping is a big issue for me--fortunately there's no photographic evidence of my run-ins with garage doors, other bicyclists, and the ground (ahem, thanks to Mom and Larry for organizing that fun downhill biking adventure at Sunriver years ago).

So, there I was, in front of our house, holding on to Audrey's bike seat (thanks, Becky, for the no-training wheels loaner). She's not ready to take off on her own. Even as I held the seat and perspired, she asked if she could "please hold the fruit snacks." Obviously she needed to re-focus.

After five grueling minutes of me struggling to keep her upright, she dismounted the bike, took off her pink helmet and said, "I think I wanna take a little break so I can watch the pretty birdies."

End of Lesson I.

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