Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a new nemesis

Nina can hear them from 5 miles away. They tease her ears...and she announces to everyone that they're approaching.

Yesterday's said nemesis pulled a new low. As Nina and I played in the park--her consolation prize for not getting to attend vacation bible school with her big sisters--she again heard it from afar and then spotted it approaching in the parking lot. That music.

For a mom, it's worse than nails on a chalkboard. It means digging in the bottom of your purse for change, sticky fingers, fighting kids to eat at lunch...and then hours of manic play. It's like crack for kids. It's the ice cream truck.

And yesterday's Howard Amon truck added a new temptation for the kiddos--a dog. Yes, Nina's two most favorite things in the whole world--puppies and ice cream--were now staring at her from the parking lot as annoying music played over and over. I glared at the driver from afar. The driver threw her head back and laughed.

You may have won yesterday, ice cream truck driver, but you won't win, you won't win today.

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