Friday, June 4, 2010

lunch with Auddie...and God

Nina was asleep. Auddie and I sat down together to a nice lunch. NPR was playing in the background, a gospel song came on...and so it began...

Auddie: "Hey, this is the song we heard at Anya's first communion!" (My think bubble - any church song will do for Audrey)

She continued, "Will you cry when I die?"
Me: "Of course. But I'll die before you do because I'm older."
Auddie: "I don't want to be without you."
Me: "You won't be. And we'll be together again in heaven some day."
Auddie: "But why do we have to be small to go to heaven."
Me: (confused face) "What do you mean?"
Auddie: "Dad said a piece of us (and she cups her hands and raises them up) leaves the room and goes to heaven." (now I want to call Dad and demand he join us for this relaxing, insightful lunch)
Me: "I think Dad was referring to our spirits. Our physical bodies don't go to heaven."
Auddie: "Why will God cut my body?"
Me: "Um, no, that doesn't happen." (refer to part about spirit. again send text to Dad, reminding him he owes me for this one. his reply, "oops, I knew that one would haunt me." correction - haunt ME, Mom)
Auddie: (tuning in to song again as she stabs another piece of watermelon) "Do we sing so we make God tear up?"
Me: "Do you mean 'make him cry?'
Auddie: "Yeah."
Me: "Yeah, I think God probably does cry when we sing for him because he's just so darn happy."
Me: "You done with your lunch? Want a treat?"


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  1. Such a cute story! Craig and I were just having this conversation yesterday...and even as an adult, it's a hard concept to grasp that our bodies don't go to heaven! I just love your girls. I can't get enough of them.