Thursday, June 3, 2010

do I lie?

Tomorrow night is another cover shoot for MOM Magazine. The cover story is about a woman transitioning from her office career to being a SAHM. I can't relate at all.

I'm stoked about the shoot--should be fun. The cover mom knows I just made the leap, too, so I'm anticipating the question I get nearly every day, which is, "So do you love being at home?!??!?!?!?"

I honestly want to shout YES, but it isn't that simple. Feels like it should be, but it isn't. Some days are awesome, others not-so-much. I've found that having a routine certainly helps. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my girls and I try to make the most of each day.

That said, do I tell her it's much tougher than a professional career...or do I lie and tell her it's a piece of cake?


  1. Tell her something generic like one of the many phrases manager use on reviews, how about: "You will be challenged in new ways. or I'm sure you'll have the opportunity to use skills you haven't used before. or It will be a growth opportunity. etc etc" Then give her a hug and whisper in hear ear "call me when you're hiding in the closet" turn her around and pat her on the butt and say Good Luck Honey! ....or just give her the link to this blog! haha

  2. Well this was awkward. Met the new SAHM today...and found out she's been at home for 3 months. So I asked what she thought and she said "it's far more natural than she thought it'd be." Oy. Not, exactly, what I've been thinking the past month. So I did not use the management phrases, Jonna J. BUT, I like your suggestions so much that I'll be sure to use them in the future.

  3. Love it - you are brilliant Andy. I like Jonna's reply...something about a growth opportunity comes to mind. Tell her you plan to focus on the "low-hanging fruit" (i.e., picking up magazines and toys) as you work toward a more efficient and effective process (i.e., drive-thru of McDs)...

    - Jonna on behalf of JULIE :)

  4. Hey! I feel ya....being home is SOOOO much harder than people give us credit for. Anytime you need a good ol' fashioned bitch session call me...we'll swap horror stories! lol!