Thursday, June 17, 2010

my baby got a library card!

or about a year, Audrey's been dying to get her library card.

First time we tried, we had two strikes against us. 1) We don't live in Richland, so we'd have to pay $30 or I'd have to bring them a copy of my business license (proving I have a license in Richland, thereby qualifying us). 2) Audrey has to be able to write her entire name.

She worked so hard at preschool this year...I've procrastinated for several today became the BIG day. She proudly got her library card.

The cutest part was when they had to take her picture. The lady said, "Well, I don't think we've had to aim the camera down this far before." Audrey just stood there smacking her gum, waiting patiently for the brief photoshoot to begin.

So what did Auddie checkout her first official visit? Two DVDs and a book that does not look like something she'd ever be interested in.

Yeah for Auddie!

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  1. well Audrey at 4 and me at 27 - a big year at the library for us both! haha cute!