Friday, September 17, 2010

I want some money

Audrey casually approached me with, "Mom, I want jobs." I replied, "Great! Like chores where you earn an allowance?"

Audrey: No, where I get money.
Me: Well, that's what an allowance is.
Audrey: Well, I want to go to our neighbors' houses (she gestures around her because we're in front of our house) and say, "Hi, I'm Audrey, and I want to get some money. Can I clean your house?"
Me: Oh. Maybe when you get older you can do that, but for now, you can work on cleaning parts of our house. Here, let's write down some chores you can do. (I start listing things like: feed Fredo, make bed, etc.)
Audrey: Um, Mom. Can you stop and listen to what I want to put on there?
Me: Sure.
Audrey: Like, I want to clean the bathrooms, sweep after Daddy mows the lawn, use that cleaner stuff for the bathrooms...

Now here's the funny part... Audrey HATES to pick up after herself. She's probably our laziest child when it comes time to clean, so I can't wait to remind her of this "I want to clean other peoples' houses" conversation in a few years. Oh, and she also wants to "like, walk people's dogs and stuff...just the little dogs, though."

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