Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So many posts, so little time

Audrey had some great ones today:

Only two days into the school year and we get a head lice warning note sent home. So tonight, after bath, I did the headcheck. As I was combing and parting, Audrey asked, "Any lice?" I replied, "Nope." She continued, "If you find food, ummm, just leave it in there."

Espanol in China
Audrey's been fascinated with China for quite some time. I don't know why. I told her today that my dad, her Papa D, was going to China later this month. Her eyes got wide and then she said, "He's not gonna understand a word they say 'cause they speak Spanish."

Blessed--in more ways than one
After school today, Audrey said dramatically, "Mom. Some girl today "bless you'd" all-over-me. It was SO gross. When I sneeze, I do this (demonstrates bringing the inside of her elbow to her mouth), but this girl did this (opened her arms wide and looked like she was throwing up everywhere).

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