Friday, September 3, 2010

It's really unfair to the weak

The Turners are officially part of the Christ the King/Sausage Fest...festivities. Michael and I are signed up for wine pouring (awesome gig for first-timers, thanks to my sis) and Audrey is anxious to take people's money for raffle tickets. She, of course, is after the coveted buttons students get when they sell at least 100 (or so I hear).

It's really unfair of me to send our three adorable girls door-to-door to sell the tickets, but that's exactly what I did. How can one deny those three pair of big blue eyes? They can't. They won't. I'm sure of it. They hit our next door neighbors up first and I spied from the sidewalk. Here's how it went down:

Grace is the negotiator. Audrey's the bank teller. Nina's the cherry on top -- the cute 'lil blondie wearing a dress.

Each girl takes a turn knocking - one knock just won't do. The door opens.

Grace kicks it off with an explanation of what they're selling. She even had me make notes to help her out.

Then Audrey fumbles through her bag of tickets and dollar bills she donated to the cause as her "change." Bank teller, I tell ya.

Nina's the wild card. She turns to me during the transaction and gives a cute wave, then crosses her arms and goes back to listening to her sisters close the deal. When the buyer leaves the doorway for a second, Nina turns around and yells, "They're going to get some money!" I cringe.

When the person returns and leaves again, Nina yells "They didn't have enough money...they're going to get more." Again, I cringe.

Despite Nina's rude yelling, the girls do, in fact, sell a ticket. And as they're walking back they pass me and Grace says flippantly, "You need to explain to Audrey that the money doesn't go to her."

Just another evening at the Turners.

So, who wants to buy a $1 raffle ticket???!?!?!?!?

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