Friday, September 17, 2010

This week was the circus, literally

This was one of those weeks when I almost cried a few times in the car, did cry at night after Michael got home, and then did those manic laughs late at night as I IM'd with Britt.

It seemed that each day, the car rides with the girls became more unbearable (note - I'm in the car at least a few hours out of every day between 7:30 and 1:30 as I act like the Ben Franklin Transit). The "conversation" in the car goes something like this...

Girls: Turn up the music, please. (I turn up the music).
Girls: Turn it up louder, Mom. (I glare at them for not using manners, but don't scold because they can't hear me anyway. Then I turn it up a bit more.)
Girls: (Shouting over music) MOM! Turn it down! I need to ask you something.
Me: Yes?
Girls: Where are we going?
Me: Same place we go every morning at this time -- Audrey's school.
Audrey: But I'm going to missss you...I can hardly stand it.
Nina: Don't be a baby, Audrey. Mom, turn the music up! (I turn the music back up. 1 minute goes by.)
Girls: Mom. Mom. Mom.
Me: (Turning music down) Yes?
Nina: Um, why Audrey have to go to school?
Me: Because she has to go every day now.
Nina: Where's my baby orajel?
Me: I don't know.
Nina: (In a huge whiney voice) BUT I NEED IT - I HAVE AN OWIE IN MY LIP!!! (I turn the music back up).
Audrey: Mom, turn the music down, please. (I oblige and add that I'm not turning it back up again because they keep asking me questions. Audrey's silent. Didn't really have a question. Now there's no music.)
Nina: Why are we going this way?
Me: It's the same way we always go.
Audrey: (Bugging Nina) Why is Nina wearing that today? Mom, you know what? (Then never answers her own question.)
Nina: Don't be mean Audrey! (Whiney voice. Then she pinches Audrey. Audrey cries, hits her back. I nearly veer off the road.)

We arrive at the first drop off of the day.

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