Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the t.p. bride

Yesterday was really the first time Brittney's spent quality one-on-one time with my girls. She was overdue. After I'd been gone 15 minutes, Britt sends me a text: "I owe you a roll of t.p. I'll explain later." For those of you who know Britt, you can imagine the random thoughts that went through my head. But I knew the girls were in good hands. 
Here's what they were up to...

Making toilet paper bridal gowns, of course.

So Audrey got into character and strutted her stuff for the photographer.


FIERCE looks.
This is high fashion, folks. Expect nothing less.

And then she softened a bit...dreaming about the big day.

...and realized that a pose just isn't a pose without holding one of your feet and balancing against a dresser.

But then it was Nina's turn.

The design started simple.

But she wanted a long, flowy skirt.

And lip gloss. LOTS of lip gloss.

Then it was time for her photoshoot.

And seeing herself in a full length mirror for the first time.

Then for a demonstration of the walk down the aisle.

Now for some casual shots.

totally relaxed bride.

Now for one minor adjustment...

YEP. The dog-like ears complete the veiled look.

But now it's time to trash the dress...

...and make Brittney wear the leftovers. (note the headpiece)

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  1. Its hard to find a good babysitter these days :)